Chianti Classico


Chianti is as old as winemaking itself, and our Chianti Classico comes from the very roots of its Tuscan birthplace. Reflecting the legendary terrain that surrounds it, this Criterion finesses big ripe flavors and subtle floral bouquets to create a wine of profound beauty.


Fermented in stainless steel for 12 days in a controlled temperature at 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit using classic maceration Aged for 3 months in oak barrels and an additional 6 months in stainless steel.


Chianti Classico is the heart of the Chianti region situated between Florence and Sienna. Criterion Chianti Classico is grown on the beautiful western foothills of the Apennines at an altitude of 1,148 ft-1,640 ft. This region exhibits long, dry summers, and the rolling hills allow for varied terroirs allowing for the most optimal flavors to be present in our Chianti.


This Chianti Classico pairs well with lightly breaded pork chops alongside creamy potatoes au Gratin.

ABV 13.5%